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About the author:

Name: R. Venkatesh.
Domain interests: Travelling, study of history and culture.
Educational background: Masters in History from Jawaharlal Nehru University and Graduated with Honours in the same discipline from Delhi University.
Professional background: Banking/ finance sector.
Blog category: Travel, photo-blog. 

Twitter handle: My handle is @heritage_sites where I share many of photographs (including those posted here). 
Facebook: My facebook profile is under my name, Ramachandran Venkatesh and it has a page called Heritage_sites on which you can connect with me upon.

All the photographs are taken on my camera and there is strictly no photographic content posted from any other source including public free domain on internet, unless otherwise specified and with credits.

I welcome your suggestions to improve my content and style. Feel free to add your comments and any more information you may have on these sites, for benefit for future readers.

Thank you for visiting my blog site.

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