Monday, 26 June 2017

Ibrahim Rouza, Bijapur

Masjid of the Ibrahim Rouza

Ibrahim Rouza is an exquisite mausoleum of the highly respected Sultan Ibrahim Adil Shah II (built around 1630). In fact most of the Adil Shahi royals were patrons of a hybrid and eclectic culture, literature and architecture, drawing from multiple inspirations ranging from middle eastern to local Deccani styles. In fact the kingdom benefited from the very liberal and mutually respectful attitude of followers of both the major religions (Hindus and Muslims) towards one another, to the extent that court culture and common public both enjoyed goodwill and harmony. We must remember this culture when we see the Ibrahim Rouza.

The ASI website describes the Ibrahim Rauza thus:

"The Ibrahim-Rauza, built by Ibrahim 'Adil Shah II (1580-1627), consists of his tomb and mosque within a square compound, both rising face to face from a common raised terrace, with a tank and fountain between them. The mosque has a rectangular prayer-chamber, with a facade of five arches, shaded by the chhajja and a slender minaret at each corner. Enclosed within a square fenestration rises the bulbous dome with a row of tall petals at its base. The square tomb with double aisles around it, the inner one pillared, has similar features but is finer in proportions. Two narrow arches, next to the ones at each end, break up its facade. On the interior, each wall has three arches, all panelled and embellished with floral, arabesque or inscriptional traceries. The tomb-chamber has a low curved ceiling made of joggled masonry, with empty space between it and the dome

Extensive calligraphic embellishments adorn the main tomb structure. There is a lot of peace and tranquility in these premises. 

Please do note the beautiful minarets, very distinct than one finds in Western or Northern India. The main domes are bulbous and have lotus platforms, and below them are well crafted arches. Acoustics inside are impressive, allowing a prayer said by one person in a corner softly to be heard and joined in by others across the huge hall. 

People who go to Bijapur only to see the Gol Gumbad, are wasting their time and money. The Jama Masjid and Ibrahim Rouza should occupy the main (or at least an equal) part of attention.

Ibrahim Rouza Tomb 

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